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Element Wizard Chronicles

Element Wizard Chronicles

verse in progress

Muses from there: Alec Troven [personal profile] element_wizard , Laruna Troven [personal profile] water_wine_wizard, Greywolf Troven [personal profile] troven_tinkerer, Jono Sayer [personal profile] cutting_visions, Granter [profile] pulledownamoon, Marlina Tendrith [personal profile] dragonswordchampion, Orion and his pretty [personal profile] thegeneralandhisboy


Many thousands of years ago on Alec's world the fey and dragons pretty much ruled. However their world was invaded by some unknown military force through dimensional portals intent on colonizing and taking over. The fey and dragons, of course, objected to this and fought back. They soon discovered that the army had tanks and anti-aircraft missiles which could take out the dragons and weapons made of iron which could hurt the fey. So, the two races came up with a plan. The grabbed a fledgling human colony and took them into Fairy where they, for lack of a better term, genetically modified them so that they could be used as cannon fodder. They gave the humans the ability to manipulate the elements or life energies and then sent them out to be merrily slaughtered instead of the fey or dragons. It worked. It cost them a moon (Actually the enemy had launched a satellite to try and spy on the enemy. The wizard Granter, first bearer of the Dragon Sword, managed to pull it down from orbit and crashed it onto the enemy's portal. This lead to the beginning of the end of the war.)

That done the Fey just mostly abandoned the modified humans to their fate with the caveat of "we're watching you. We made you. We can unmake you". Of the humans who could manipulate the elements - wizards- fifteen families got together and formed a city. They became known as the First Families and they created Pentarch a city of wonders and the pinnacle of civilization for the entire continent. They didn't get much in the way of technology for whenever anyone started working too much with iron the fey would arrange a rather large and messy accident as a point. Also to keep their hand in things they chose five wizards to be the bearers of magical weapons and act as their minions emissaries to the rest of the world.

About a thousand years before Alec was born there was an element wizard (one who could control all four elements as opposed to just one) called Lorac who decided to go a bit batshit. The result of this batshittiness was that Pentarch was completely destroyed - like near nuked destroyed - and he went off and killed every single living element wizard he could find. Everyone. Babes, old people, women, children, all around the continent. All killed. He decimated the wizarding population, killing over a fifth of it before vanishing. He is presumed dead.

The remaining wizards, in a moment of panic, decided that element wizards were too dangerous and any who were born would be put to death if found out, least there be a repeat of the Lorac the Destroyer incident. They then picked themselves back up and built a new city high in a mountain valley. The new city was named Quarim. They were never able to rebuilt to the same glory as before as the loss of the element wizard population made sure some things could never be recreated.

Most of the Troven family, one of the first fire families, and Alec's, willing left the city of Pentarch about sixty years before its destruction and took to traveling like gypsies or Traveling folk. They used it as an opportunity to gather information on the non-wizard populations and to act as law arbitrators for wizards scattered about the continent who wanted their own people to settle disputes and not the humans they lived among. It was around this time that one of their members had a child with a fey and another had a child with one of the fey champions - the element wizard one, though their child was just an ordinary fire wizard. This was important.

The World at Alec's time.

There are three major racial settlements on the Lancoon continent. Humans have the majority of them. There are three huge city states on the coast of Tarnet's Ocean and Selzun Sea. Lancoon is the oldest of them, and where the original wizards were taken from. There are smaller settlements in the larger plains, but not many. The landscape is rather harsh and filled with large predators such as griffins, Terror Birds and wolves. They're also close to the easy way to get into the fey lands, which is never a good thing. Still there are major trade roads that go around the edges of the plains to the major cities and up into the Dragonridge mountains. It is in the Dragonridge mountains were Quarim, the city of wizards is located. Built in a valley that used to be filled with water, but purposely drained to build the city, Quarim is The Home for the wizards and most of them live there. There are smaller populations of wizards that live in the human cities and smaller settlements. This is why the Trovens travel around, to bring news from home and arbitrate justice if needed. Being one of the First Families they have the authority to do so. Witches on the other hand, those who can manipulate life energy - they can heal, effect the plant and animal life and other things that deal with the living - don't have any major settlements of their own. Instead they live in human cities making a fairly good living. Witches and wizards don't get along very well, both looking down upon the other.

There is a fourth known race in the world, though they live across Tarnet's ocean. They are known as angels. The only two known angels reside in Lancoon City, one as the general of the king's army and the other as his servant.

Pentarch is usually avoided, especially by wizards and witches. There is nothing there and it is considered a cursed area. Of course, what would you expect in a place where so many died in such a horrid manner. A few treasure seekers will try their luck, but often leave very quickly.