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Various verses.

Spirit Chronicles:
Verse in progress.

Muses from there: Keldar Del'Tarn [profile] shiftinglyingbardwholies

Keldar's world is full of spirits. They embody things like fire or nature or water. 99% of them are tiny things about the size of a thumbnail. Water spirits appear to be drops or sprays of water. Earth spirits are the color of amber but squishy. Fire spirits are like sparks of flame. They are pretty much everywhere. The remaining one percent are the greater spirits. They can take the shape of humans or other animals. Sometimes they manage to convince a mortal to join them into their realm. Once this happens, if the mortal isn't rescued quickly, the mortal will become a greater spirit under control of the one who stole him or her away.

Technology wise, the land is magi-tech level. They use a metal called eblion that attracts and stores magical energy from the air. It's used in everything from lights to the light rail. It pretty much runs the empire.

Keldar is unique in that he can change his shape into different animals - as long as they're no bigger than a fox and not flying. How he got this ability is unknown, as is much of his past. Whenever someone asks about it, he lies. What is known though is that the prefix "Del" is an indication of a noble family. Though if that's his real surname is up in the air.

Tales of the Forgotten
Verse: fairly done

Muses from there: The Fool (Alexander) [personal profile] forgottenmotley The Thief in the Night (Thom) [personal profile] forgottenthief

The Forgotten are creatures that exist in the shadows of humanity's mind. They were created when humanity was first learning how to put names to things, in specific they were humanity's fears given life. They are, according to them, fire cast shadows and ash, which is why their shadows never actually work right. It's always as if they're standing in front of a fire. They are called the Forgotten because people generally want to forget their fears. They want to forget about death and drowning and fire being able to hurt them. They want to remember the happy things in life. People are afraid of the shadows and the darkness, which is why the Forgotten live in them.

Many of the Forgotten have two names. For example The Thief in the Night is called that as well as Thom. This is because being a shadow isn't very good for interacting with humanity. To physically exist a Forgotten must take on a human's shape. Essentially they're wearing the person as you would wear a coat. They take on the person's memories and past as well as their own. Thom, therefor, is the person the Thief in the Night is currently wearing.

Some of them don't have "human" names. The Blind King and the Ashling are two of them. It is likely that they have never needed to change bodies. Here and There may have names, but no one knows what they are.

So, how do they poses a human and how do they lose their body?

Each Forgotten has a token or two of some sort that embodies what they are. For Thom it is a golden coin. His brother, Death's Shadow, has a obsidian bladed knife. If the token is taken away from them, they still possess the body they wear, but it becomes possible to contain them and then possibly kill them. Also, things on the Ways can kill them, even with their tokens. Once a body is lost then a new one must be given the token, however the person must fit criteria and be Named.

Thom is the ultimate thief in many ways. There isn't anywhere he can't break into. This makes him a bit on the cocky side at times. Well, a lot of times. Trying to steal from Thom is a Very Bad Idea. A person who steals doesn't want the person they're stealing from to know, which means he automatically knows, since the person is trying to keep it a secret. He is the Blind King's son with the first woman who committed suicide. Thom has a son called the Piper or Loren. He is the fear of children lost. The Piper was born in the 1700s when childbirth rates started going down again thanks to the influx of factories and unhealthy conditions. Before early death was an accepted part of life and people didn't fear it.

On the other hand, Alexander knows when people are lying to him. After all liars will often make fools of themselves and to lie to the fool is an automatic way to make a fool of yourself. He walks with a limp from a leg that got broken and never healed. He is the one person who usually ends up saying "Well it seemed like a good idea at the time."


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