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NAME Alec Troven
CANON Elemental Wizard Chronicles (OC)
AGE 23/ really old
HEIGHT 5’11”
BUILD Lanky and feels like he needs to be filled out a bit more
BEARING bouncy
HAIR black
EYES mud brown
Distinguishing Features

FACIAL Pointy ears, a blue tattoo on the right side of his face, a vertical scar crossing his right eye

ACCENT A cross between Welsh and Sidarian


While Alec is from an original world, if any reality traveler would like to say they've visited it, I'd be happy to provide information about it.

Fey Perfect sense of direction, pointy ears, inability to grow facial hair worth a damn, iron allergy


Empathy - Alec is a minor empath, he's not very good at using his empathy and generally doesn't. Mostly he keeps his mind shielded from being read by others. If you would like Alec to pick something up, please let me know, otherwise he'll just be oblivious to such things.

Elemental control - Alec is capable of controlling the four elements: water, wind, fire and earth. Fire is the element he has the most control over. He's considered to be one of the strongest fire users in his generation. His ability to control the other three elements is much weaker. He's theoretically just as powerful with them as he is with fire, but he doesn't use them as often. Alec doesn't need a source for fire or water to control them, he's able to create them himself. Earth and air on the other hand he needs to have around him. In order of his control over them he goes fire, water, air and earth.

"Chaos" abilities

Reality Warping Through a matter of circumstances, the circumstances changing depending on what he feels like telling people - though generally he says he pissed off a powerful being, Alec has the ability to warp reality. He does it mostly by probability manipulation - increasing or decreasing the odds that something could happen or by twisting reality's strings. Even if the odds are completely ridiculous to possibly happen. Unfortunately because these powers are chaos based he doesn't always get the results he wants. The bigger the manipulation the harder for him to hold it into place and the longer he does hold it into place the more likely it'll backlash onto him. Even if it's not a major power backlash, it'll bite him in the butt somehow.

Death Impairment Alec can't stay dead. He can be killed, but then he automatically shuffles to another reality that's exactly the same as the one he just died in, except that he didn't die. It usually takes up to three days for this to happen. He feels exactly what the hell happened to him and feels himself die. And then he just wakes up.

Reality Hopping This ability allows Alec to travel through out the known and unknown multiverse. These different realities include some canon universes. The way he does this is by 'possessing' alternate versions of himself, sort of like over riding their personality, sharing the body or melding with the current personality. A version of him exists in every reality and Alec is aware of every alternate version of himself, though it exists mostly as a white noise in the background of his mind. There are a few realities, that tend to shift over time, that he keeps an active eye on.

Other Weird Stuff Alec currently exists slightly outside of reality and will probably feel kind of off to folks sensitive to those sort of things.

MIND CONTROL Unlikely but people can try
KILLING Yes! (He'll just come back after a little while)
4TH WALL already broken
Visited Realities
Pirates of Dark Water
Conan the Adventurer
X-Men the Animated Series
Dragon Riders of Pern
Star Trek
Babylon 5
Middle Earth/LotRs
Star Wars
Hogwarts/Harry Potter
Heralds of Valdemar
Species Comparisons

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