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Kippur ([personal profile] mm_kippur) wrote2009-01-28 02:05 pm
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Muse Bio #1

Alec Troven

Cheerful Gary-Stu/OC/protagonist of mun's novel series yet to be published.

Alec knows about the fourth wall and doesn't so much break it as ignore it. He's generally very good about pretending it exists when dealing with other people unless he gets the mun's permission to break. He's hyper-active, has no sense of self-preservation, rewrites his own history to suit himself and generally sees things as a lark. He's a self admitted flake and flirt.

This isn't to say that he can't take things seriously and he does. He's loyal to his friends and will help them if they ask, without thought as to being inconvenienced himself.

Canonically (the bit of him that's part of the novels) he's an element wizard in his early twenties with a twin sister and older brother. He likes boys more than he likes girls and is aware of every alternate self.

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