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Kippur ([personal profile] mm_kippur) wrote2009-02-06 12:34 pm
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Muse Bios #3

Alex and Orion.

Alex and Orion are from the same world as Alec is from. Or at least "canon" Alec is from. They are from a race called "angels" More information here.

Both of them hover well into the halls of insanity though Orion is the saner one of the two. He is the one who broke Alex from a shy young fledgling to an insane individual he is now. Orion likes Alex this way and didn't put him back together correctly at all. This was to make Alex more dependent on him for his needs. Alex is Orion's slave and whatever else Orion wants him to be. Despite what cruelties Orion has done to Alex (including breaking a wing) they are sincerely affectionate to each other. Orion has and will harm anyone who tries to harm Alex.

They are currently living in the palace of the Lancoon kingdom, Orion the general of the king Phelps' army. This is merely a long ranging plan by Orion's superiors back home to make a beach head into this continent.

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