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Alex and Orion.

Alex and Orion are from the same world as Alec is from. Or at least "canon" Alec is from. They are from a race called "angels" More information here.

Both of them hover well into the halls of insanity though Orion is the saner one of the two. He is the one who broke Alex from a shy young fledgling to an insane individual he is now. Orion likes Alex this way and didn't put him back together correctly at all. This was to make Alex more dependent on him for his needs. Alex is Orion's slave and whatever else Orion wants him to be. Despite what cruelties Orion has done to Alex (including breaking a wing) they are sincerely affectionate to each other. Orion has and will harm anyone who tries to harm Alex.

They are currently living in the palace of the Lancoon kingdom, Orion the general of the king Phelps' army. This is merely a long ranging plan by Orion's superiors back home to make a beach head into this continent.

muse bio #2

Feb. 4th, 2009 10:57 am
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Kale and Trever Delvar

Star Wars OCs

Born a small while after Order 66, Kale and Trever with their older brother Naldin were raised out in the middle of no where on an outer rim agrarian planet by their Jedi Master in Hiding father, Calenvir, and Ex-Jedi Hunter mother, Talia. The twins were born with an exceptionally strong Force bond which at times seemed to blur their individuality.

The two of them left home after they believed their father to be dead. Trever leaving first and Kale following. Trever fell into the influence of a dark Jedi, Kree'sha, and started down the Dark Side. While he's halted somewhat, he finds he can't go back to the Light Side as it doesn't hold true for him.

Kale on the other hand found the Nexus where he met a version of the Exile named Tobias. Tobias decided that the young Force user needed training least something bad happen and agreed to take him on as a padawan. They moved into the basement of Tobias' old commander Revan who lived with Carcer (from the Discworld, yes it's weird) and they eventually became lovers.

The twins were reunited when Trever tried to bring Kale back to Kree'sha. It didn't quite work out. What did eventually happen was that Kale's pyschometry got out of control and the result ended up with a mixed personality of all he absorbed and then Tobias cutting him off from the Force at Revan's order. This severed their Force bond. Kale for a time was near catatonic but eventually clawed his way back to a semblance of life.

More time passed and they were eventually reunited with their family, estranged Revan and had much adventures of sorts. Then Tobias left leaving Kale heart broken and distraught.

Realizing that he'd never actually lived a life by himself and that he still didn't know who he was Kale too left asking Trever not to find him.

The twins are now trying to come to terms as true individuals without the other near by.
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Alec Troven

Cheerful Gary-Stu/OC/protagonist of mun's novel series yet to be published.

Alec knows about the fourth wall and doesn't so much break it as ignore it. He's generally very good about pretending it exists when dealing with other people unless he gets the mun's permission to break. He's hyper-active, has no sense of self-preservation, rewrites his own history to suit himself and generally sees things as a lark. He's a self admitted flake and flirt.

This isn't to say that he can't take things seriously and he does. He's loyal to his friends and will help them if they ask, without thought as to being inconvenienced himself.

Canonically (the bit of him that's part of the novels) he's an element wizard in his early twenties with a twin sister and older brother. He likes boys more than he likes girls and is aware of every alternate self.


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