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For Mixed Muses.

Pups using this Journal:

[personal profile] element_wizard Gary Stu and proud of it.
[personal profile] little_troven Alec's younger self. Canon.

[personal profile] hidden_jedi Kale Delvar, would be Jedi except... no Force any more. Trever's Twin.
[personal profile] hidden_sith Trever Delvar, Dark Side tendencies but more Gray Side now. Kale's Twin.

[info]in_wrong_story Dustfinger, from Inkheart

Dawn of the Old Gods Characters

Dawn of the Old Gods is an Urban Fantasy universe where magic is known and always existed. It follows the adventures of the FBI's Department of Magical Crimes, a division created by Rhys Owens, a two thousand year old wizard who is using it to take care of injustices he feels needs to be taken care of.

The Kale and Trever in this universe are considered the Canon/main versions of them. As is Theodred and Melkor. Alec continues to be himself and both versions of him the Gary Stu and the ritual mage should be considered canon.

More on the universe here.

[personal profile] deadmanbusiness Theodred Sammeth, Melkor's youngest son. Necromancer and works for the DMC
[personal profile] deadandvoid Melkor Sammeth, god of the dead and businessman.
[personal profile] engineermage Kale Delvar (alternate of [personal profile] hidden_jedi) techmage and works for the DMC.
[personal profile] nottheritestuffAlec Troven (alternate of [personal profile] element_wizard) apprentice to Adrian Fraser, ritual mage of the DMC. Recently on the wagon for Mage Thief abuse.
[personal profile] reincarnshamanTrever Delvar (alternate of [personal profile] hidden_jedi shaman and works for the DMCM. Familiar is a teleporting cat named Veena.
[personal profile] undeadgodandstar Ashkari (Ashley Carrey). God of the Undead, son of Melkor Sammath, movie star and Theodred's older half brother.

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