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2013-03-01 10:30 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: How's My Driving?

I figure I'll do a single post for all my characters here.

So, if you have any problems with one of these guys Here let me know.

Screening an anonymous enabled.
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2015-11-01 07:26 am

(no subject)

NAME Alec Troven
CANON Elemental Wizard Chronicles (OC)
AGE 23/ really old
HEIGHT 5’11”
BUILD Lanky and feels like he needs to be filled out a bit more
BEARING bouncy
HAIR black
EYES mud brown
Distinguishing Features

FACIAL Pointy ears, a blue tattoo on the right side of his face, a vertical scar crossing his right eye

ACCENT A cross between Welsh and Sidarian


While Alec is from an original world, if any reality traveler would like to say they've visited it, I'd be happy to provide information about it.

Fey Perfect sense of direction, pointy ears, inability to grow facial hair worth a damn, iron allergy


Empathy - Alec is a minor empath, he's not very good at using his empathy and generally doesn't. Mostly he keeps his mind shielded from being read by others. If you would like Alec to pick something up, please let me know, otherwise he'll just be oblivious to such things.

Elemental control - Alec is capable of controlling the four elements: water, wind, fire and earth. Fire is the element he has the most control over. He's considered to be one of the strongest fire users in his generation. His ability to control the other three elements is much weaker. He's theoretically just as powerful with them as he is with fire, but he doesn't use them as often. Alec doesn't need a source for fire or water to control them, he's able to create them himself. Earth and air on the other hand he needs to have around him. In order of his control over them he goes fire, water, air and earth.

"Chaos" abilities

Reality Warping Through a matter of circumstances, the circumstances changing depending on what he feels like telling people - though generally he says he pissed off a powerful being, Alec has the ability to warp reality. He does it mostly by probability manipulation - increasing or decreasing the odds that something could happen or by twisting reality's strings. Even if the odds are completely ridiculous to possibly happen. Unfortunately because these powers are chaos based he doesn't always get the results he wants. The bigger the manipulation the harder for him to hold it into place and the longer he does hold it into place the more likely it'll backlash onto him. Even if it's not a major power backlash, it'll bite him in the butt somehow.

Death Impairment Alec can't stay dead. He can be killed, but then he automatically shuffles to another reality that's exactly the same as the one he just died in, except that he didn't die. It usually takes up to three days for this to happen. He feels exactly what the hell happened to him and feels himself die. And then he just wakes up.

Reality Hopping This ability allows Alec to travel through out the known and unknown multiverse. These different realities include some canon universes. The way he does this is by 'possessing' alternate versions of himself, sort of like over riding their personality, sharing the body or melding with the current personality. A version of him exists in every reality and Alec is aware of every alternate version of himself, though it exists mostly as a white noise in the background of his mind. There are a few realities, that tend to shift over time, that he keeps an active eye on.

Other Weird Stuff Alec currently exists slightly outside of reality and will probably feel kind of off to folks sensitive to those sort of things.

MIND CONTROL Unlikely but people can try
KILLING Yes! (He'll just come back after a little while)
4TH WALL already broken
Visited Realities
Pirates of Dark Water
Conan the Adventurer
X-Men the Animated Series
Dragon Riders of Pern
Star Trek
Babylon 5
Middle Earth/LotRs
Star Wars
Hogwarts/Harry Potter
Heralds of Valdemar
Species Comparisons
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2014-03-16 10:36 am

Voices in my head

Canon Characters

Once Upon a Time

The Hobbit
@[community profile] milliways_bar

Araris (Fade)
Codex Alera
@[community profile] milliways_bar

DC Comics

Nate Grey

The Master
Doctor Who

Abraxis Wren

Inheritance Series

Adolin Kholin
Stormlight Archive

Grant Ward
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Original Characters

Alec Troven
Over-Powered 4th Wall breaker

Laruna Troven
Free spirit water wizard

Greywolf Troven
Air wizard and Tinkerer of stuff

Jono Sayer
Oracle, twit, Fire Wizard

Marlina Tendrith
Dragon Sword Champion elemental wizard

First Elemental wizard, Fighter

Orion and Pretty
Mad angel and his pet

Fey Geneticist, scary bastard

Theodred "Theo" Sammeth
Necromancer demi-god

Kale Daly
technomage, Eire Prince

Trever Daly
animal speaker, Eire Prince

Eric Teague
Mage Thief, Entropy Mage

Ceilidh McCallum
Hero in training

Melkor Sammeth
God of the Dead

Ashley Carrey, Ashkari
Actor, god of the undead

Veena & Kittens
teleporting cats

Rory McCallum
seventh son and hero

Rory McCallum (age 16 odd)
seventh son and hero

The Fool
Fear of being made a Fool
@[community profile] milliways_bar

The Thief in the Night
Fear of Secrets Stolen

Zev Cohen
Rabbi & Vampire Hunter

The Doctor and Master's Bottle Baby

Keldar Del'Tarn
Shape shifting lying bard

Jasper McCullen
Wolf that turns into a bounty hunter

The Archangel who doesn't like people

Brenton Énna
A Phoenix
@[community profile] milliways_bar

Kale Delvar
Hidden Jedi
Force Sensitive Scoundrel
Star Wars Alt

Trever Delvar
Hidden Sith
Would Be Sith
Star Wars Alt

Alec Troven
Little Kid Alec

Alec Troven
Master Troven
Much Older Alec

Aydin (A'din)
Harper Riding
Pern OC

Abhorsen Alec Alt

Ivan Andreivich Randomski
Seventh Son and Thirteenth Child. Lucky kid.

Calanvir Delvar
Jedi Master just after Order 66

Rory McCallum
A teenage Rory

Theodred Lunaric
Alt of Theo Sammeth

Weyland Falkner
Bureau of Time Regulation Regulator

Sari Trovenc
Alec's non-existent daughter

Taliesin "Cricket" Griffth
Bard and musician who deals with spirits

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2013-05-27 10:16 am

(no subject)

Dawn of the Old Gods

Verse in progress

Muses from there: Theodred Sammeth ([personal profile] deadmanbusiness), Melkor Sammeth ([personal profile] deadandvoid), Ashley Carrey/Ashkari ([personal profile] undeadgodandstar), Trever Daly ([personal profile] reincarnshaman), Kale Daly ([personal profile] engineermage) Veena and various kittens ([personal profile] bamfingcats), Eric Teague ([personal profile] nottheritestuff), Rory McCallum [personal profile] crowschild [personal profile] lucky7thson ), Ceilidh McCallum ([personal profile] princessstabbity).

Ceilidh McCallum vs. The Super Evil Fair Lady A short story published in Luna Station Quarterly

Universe Description

In this world everyone has a tiny spark of magic. Gods walk the world and because of this and society has developed quite differently. Perhaps the biggest difference is the lack of Judaism and its descendants, Christianity and Islam. The religions never formed because why believe in a god that doesn’t physically exist when its obvious that there are gods that do. Something happened many years ago that caused a weakening of the gods power. Some say it was humanity’s realization that they didn’t need the gods for everything, like in the Industrial Revolution, or at least their priests. Others say that it’s part of the natural way of things. The gods are fading, its past their time.


In the beginning - for that is how all good stories are told - the Cosmos created the Earth, it created all the worlds out there. Between these worlds it created a great web that attached each world to the others. Then it created the gods. They were beings of unimaginable power. Gods of the Storm walked across the countryside, their steps measured in miles, and in their shadow rain came. Those that derived their power from the moon were so beautiful that if a mortal was unprotected they would go insane. These gods crossed the worlds through the webs, visiting, creating lives and families. Though their children were not as powerful as they were.

Then mortals were created and with them the last of the powerful first gods, the gods of death. They existed in the lands of the living and the lands where the souls went, each god itpherding souls to the afterlife in their own manner. Each creating their own personal niches in the this underworld where the mortals that worshiped them could be happy - or punished if the case need be.

Life was, perhaps, good. The gods certainly thought so. And they used their power without thought of the damage it might cause. But the humans of Earth did not. Though they had power like the gods, it was weaker, a flickering candle flame between the burning devastation of a forest fire. So, the humans banded together and created a large crafting of magic, larger than had ever been seen before. Almost all the humans in the world were part of this ritual and they struck at the gods trying to break free from the gods’ grip over their lives.

Of course, the gods fought back. And though their power was mighty, they weren’t able to completely break free. Some of their ilk did not fight against the mortals, sympathizing with them thus making it harder for the gods to gain the upper hand.

Eventually things got so bad that the leylines of the world, the sources of the mortal’s magic and the connection to the great galactic web started to crack and then it broke at one of the two anchor points - this one located in the heart of what would become Europe - snapping the Earth from the galactic web and creating a massive dead zone, a place where the leylines completely burned out. To this day this area is a magical dead zone where people don’t live or visit because it makes them feel uncomfortable and just wrong.

At this point the Cosmos intervened. It stopped the leylines from leaking power, but it would not reconnect the Earth to the Galactic Web It merely stabilized the second anchor point located in what would later become Eire. Then as punishment for the gods mistreatment of humanity and for humanity’s breaking of the leylines, of the world’s very make up. It tied their powers together. Gods could only gain power and life through mortal worship and mortals could only have access to their magics through worshiping the gods. Thus one could not destroy the other and one could not live without the other. This would be so until the leylines and web was healed.

As for the gods that did not participate, it created their own world and space between the mortal realms and gave them a choice: They could either stay within the mortal world and be tied to the same pact as their siblings, or they could go to this other realm where they would not be tied to such need however they would not be able to live among their siblings or mortals again without giving up a great deal of power. Those that chose this became the first fey and this in between became fairy.

The Cosmos did one last thing before it left. it found an individual - if he was man or god when it approached him it is unknown today - and asked him to keep the balance between the mortals and the gods. To keep the balance of the land.

Over time a few more gods seeking sanctuary for problems unknown in their own world were given leave to cross to Earth, bringing their own people, though it was a one way journey if they agreed to stay. And if they did stay they would be bound by the same rules as the other gods that lived there. Some did, some did not.

One other major event happened sometime after the war: the creation of the Clutching Grove.

The Clutching Grove is a malevolent forest created when the seven eldest children of some of the first fey were stabbed with iron and then hung in a tree being left to die. They were the first fey to be killed by iron and it was a long and suffering death. Their spirits became trapped with the grove and because of the sheer power they had in life and the sheer agony that their death caused they were able to create a haunted grove that moved within the lands of fairy, occasionally slipping into the mortal realms. The grove - and the seven spirits - search out others to join them in their misery. It’s said that if you end up in the Clutching Grove you will not come out. Even gods fear to tread near the Grove because they don’t know if they’ll be able to free themselves from its grasp.

The creation of the Grove is tied to the McCallum family. However this is unknown to most of the world at large except for a few select individuals. The McCallums do not talk about it.

Modern Day

Time passed and the gods, though weaker, kept their thumb upon humanity by the fact that they needed them for magic, to help live and work. But then about four hundred years ago humanity figured out how to make things for themselves without the help of the gods causing the Industrial Revolution. They still needed to worship the gods for magic, but they didn’t need to use magic for everything any more. They were able to use machines to do some of those things now. And because of that humanity learned to live away from the gods and develop into their own people.

Some people even thought that they might not even need the gods any more, but most people aren’t foolish enough to believe that.

One of the interesting aspects about the world is that with the god’s readied existence several things haven’t happened here that have happened in many other Earths. One is that colonialism never took off. It became hard to colonize a place when your gods, and thus source of power, was thousands of miles away and the people here had their gods right behind them. Another thing is that because of the lack of Germany, plus the increase of sacred spaces complete with very angry creatures that would do horrible things to anyone who tried to build upon their land, the world isn’t as densely populated as other Earths.

That being said, life in the world isn’t too different from other earths around the early twenty first century. There’s television, movies, cars, and planes, computers and the internet. There are differences though: People sell magical charms on etsy. Ritual Magic and necromancy is studied along with physics and medicine. There are laws that prevent Seventh Sons of Seventh sons from participating in contests because of their good luck. And gods and their demigod children from going into politics as well as being restricted in other activities. Humanity having broken away from their gods’ grasps just a little bit strives to keep their freedom as much as they can.
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2013-01-08 10:54 am

Element Wizard Chronicles

Element Wizard Chronicles

verse in progress

Muses from there: Alec Troven [personal profile] element_wizard , Laruna Troven [personal profile] water_wine_wizard, Greywolf Troven [personal profile] troven_tinkerer, Jono Sayer [personal profile] cutting_visions, Granter [profile] pulledownamoon, Marlina Tendrith [personal profile] dragonswordchampion, Orion and his pretty [personal profile] thegeneralandhisboy


Many thousands of years ago on Alec's world the fey and dragons pretty much ruled. However their world was invaded by some unknown military force through dimensional portals intent on colonizing and taking over. The fey and dragons, of course, objected to this and fought back. They soon discovered that the army had tanks and anti-aircraft missiles which could take out the dragons and weapons made of iron which could hurt the fey. So, the two races came up with a plan. The grabbed a fledgling human colony and took them into Fairy where they, for lack of a better term, genetically modified them so that they could be used as cannon fodder. They gave the humans the ability to manipulate the elements or life energies and then sent them out to be merrily slaughtered instead of the fey or dragons. It worked. It cost them a moon (Actually the enemy had launched a satellite to try and spy on the enemy. The wizard Granter, first bearer of the Dragon Sword, managed to pull it down from orbit and crashed it onto the enemy's portal. This lead to the beginning of the end of the war.)

That done the Fey just mostly abandoned the modified humans to their fate with the caveat of "we're watching you. We made you. We can unmake you". Of the humans who could manipulate the elements - wizards- fifteen families got together and formed a city. They became known as the First Families and they created Pentarch a city of wonders and the pinnacle of civilization for the entire continent. They didn't get much in the way of technology for whenever anyone started working too much with iron the fey would arrange a rather large and messy accident as a point. Also to keep their hand in things they chose five wizards to be the bearers of magical weapons and act as their minions emissaries to the rest of the world.

About a thousand years before Alec was born there was an element wizard (one who could control all four elements as opposed to just one) called Lorac who decided to go a bit batshit. The result of this batshittiness was that Pentarch was completely destroyed - like near nuked destroyed - and he went off and killed every single living element wizard he could find. Everyone. Babes, old people, women, children, all around the continent. All killed. He decimated the wizarding population, killing over a fifth of it before vanishing. He is presumed dead.

The remaining wizards, in a moment of panic, decided that element wizards were too dangerous and any who were born would be put to death if found out, least there be a repeat of the Lorac the Destroyer incident. They then picked themselves back up and built a new city high in a mountain valley. The new city was named Quarim. They were never able to rebuilt to the same glory as before as the loss of the element wizard population made sure some things could never be recreated.

Most of the Troven family, one of the first fire families, and Alec's, willing left the city of Pentarch about sixty years before its destruction and took to traveling like gypsies or Traveling folk. They used it as an opportunity to gather information on the non-wizard populations and to act as law arbitrators for wizards scattered about the continent who wanted their own people to settle disputes and not the humans they lived among. It was around this time that one of their members had a child with a fey and another had a child with one of the fey champions - the element wizard one, though their child was just an ordinary fire wizard. This was important.

The World at Alec's time.

There are three major racial settlements on the Lancoon continent. Humans have the majority of them. There are three huge city states on the coast of Tarnet's Ocean and Selzun Sea. Lancoon is the oldest of them, and where the original wizards were taken from. There are smaller settlements in the larger plains, but not many. The landscape is rather harsh and filled with large predators such as griffins, Terror Birds and wolves. They're also close to the easy way to get into the fey lands, which is never a good thing. Still there are major trade roads that go around the edges of the plains to the major cities and up into the Dragonridge mountains. It is in the Dragonridge mountains were Quarim, the city of wizards is located. Built in a valley that used to be filled with water, but purposely drained to build the city, Quarim is The Home for the wizards and most of them live there. There are smaller populations of wizards that live in the human cities and smaller settlements. This is why the Trovens travel around, to bring news from home and arbitrate justice if needed. Being one of the First Families they have the authority to do so. Witches on the other hand, those who can manipulate life energy - they can heal, effect the plant and animal life and other things that deal with the living - don't have any major settlements of their own. Instead they live in human cities making a fairly good living. Witches and wizards don't get along very well, both looking down upon the other.

There is a fourth known race in the world, though they live across Tarnet's ocean. They are known as angels. The only two known angels reside in Lancoon City, one as the general of the king's army and the other as his servant.

Pentarch is usually avoided, especially by wizards and witches. There is nothing there and it is considered a cursed area. Of course, what would you expect in a place where so many died in such a horrid manner. A few treasure seekers will try their luck, but often leave very quickly.
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2012-07-22 04:39 pm

(no subject)

Various verses.

Spirit Chronicles:
Verse in progress.

Muses from there: Keldar Del'Tarn [profile] shiftinglyingbardwholies

Keldar's world is full of spirits. They embody things like fire or nature or water. 99% of them are tiny things about the size of a thumbnail. Water spirits appear to be drops or sprays of water. Earth spirits are the color of amber but squishy. Fire spirits are like sparks of flame. They are pretty much everywhere. The remaining one percent are the greater spirits. They can take the shape of humans or other animals. Sometimes they manage to convince a mortal to join them into their realm. Once this happens, if the mortal isn't rescued quickly, the mortal will become a greater spirit under control of the one who stole him or her away.

Technology wise, the land is magi-tech level. They use a metal called eblion that attracts and stores magical energy from the air. It's used in everything from lights to the light rail. It pretty much runs the empire.

Keldar is unique in that he can change his shape into different animals - as long as they're no bigger than a fox and not flying. How he got this ability is unknown, as is much of his past. Whenever someone asks about it, he lies. What is known though is that the prefix "Del" is an indication of a noble family. Though if that's his real surname is up in the air.

Tales of the Forgotten
Verse: fairly done

Muses from there: The Fool (Alexander) [personal profile] forgottenmotley The Thief in the Night (Thom) [personal profile] forgottenthief

The Forgotten are creatures that exist in the shadows of humanity's mind. They were created when humanity was first learning how to put names to things, in specific they were humanity's fears given life. They are, according to them, fire cast shadows and ash, which is why their shadows never actually work right. It's always as if they're standing in front of a fire. They are called the Forgotten because people generally want to forget their fears. They want to forget about death and drowning and fire being able to hurt them. They want to remember the happy things in life. People are afraid of the shadows and the darkness, which is why the Forgotten live in them.

Many of the Forgotten have two names. For example The Thief in the Night is called that as well as Thom. This is because being a shadow isn't very good for interacting with humanity. To physically exist a Forgotten must take on a human's shape. Essentially they're wearing the person as you would wear a coat. They take on the person's memories and past as well as their own. Thom, therefor, is the person the Thief in the Night is currently wearing.

Some of them don't have "human" names. The Blind King and the Ashling are two of them. It is likely that they have never needed to change bodies. Here and There may have names, but no one knows what they are.

So, how do they poses a human and how do they lose their body?

Each Forgotten has a token or two of some sort that embodies what they are. For Thom it is a golden coin. His brother, Death's Shadow, has a obsidian bladed knife. If the token is taken away from them, they still possess the body they wear, but it becomes possible to contain them and then possibly kill them. Also, things on the Ways can kill them, even with their tokens. Once a body is lost then a new one must be given the token, however the person must fit criteria and be Named.

Thom is the ultimate thief in many ways. There isn't anywhere he can't break into. This makes him a bit on the cocky side at times. Well, a lot of times. Trying to steal from Thom is a Very Bad Idea. A person who steals doesn't want the person they're stealing from to know, which means he automatically knows, since the person is trying to keep it a secret. He is the Blind King's son with the first woman who committed suicide. Thom has a son called the Piper or Loren. He is the fear of children lost. The Piper was born in the 1700s when childbirth rates started going down again thanks to the influx of factories and unhealthy conditions. Before early death was an accepted part of life and people didn't fear it.

On the other hand, Alexander knows when people are lying to him. After all liars will often make fools of themselves and to lie to the fool is an automatic way to make a fool of yourself. He walks with a limp from a leg that got broken and never healed. He is the one person who usually ends up saying "Well it seemed like a good idea at the time."
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2009-02-06 12:34 pm
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Muse Bios #3

Alex and Orion.

Alex and Orion are from the same world as Alec is from. Or at least "canon" Alec is from. They are from a race called "angels" More information here.

Both of them hover well into the halls of insanity though Orion is the saner one of the two. He is the one who broke Alex from a shy young fledgling to an insane individual he is now. Orion likes Alex this way and didn't put him back together correctly at all. This was to make Alex more dependent on him for his needs. Alex is Orion's slave and whatever else Orion wants him to be. Despite what cruelties Orion has done to Alex (including breaking a wing) they are sincerely affectionate to each other. Orion has and will harm anyone who tries to harm Alex.

They are currently living in the palace of the Lancoon kingdom, Orion the general of the king Phelps' army. This is merely a long ranging plan by Orion's superiors back home to make a beach head into this continent.
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2009-02-04 10:57 am
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muse bio #2

Kale and Trever Delvar

Star Wars OCs

Born a small while after Order 66, Kale and Trever with their older brother Naldin were raised out in the middle of no where on an outer rim agrarian planet by their Jedi Master in Hiding father, Calenvir, and Ex-Jedi Hunter mother, Talia. The twins were born with an exceptionally strong Force bond which at times seemed to blur their individuality.

The two of them left home after they believed their father to be dead. Trever leaving first and Kale following. Trever fell into the influence of a dark Jedi, Kree'sha, and started down the Dark Side. While he's halted somewhat, he finds he can't go back to the Light Side as it doesn't hold true for him.

Kale on the other hand found the Nexus where he met a version of the Exile named Tobias. Tobias decided that the young Force user needed training least something bad happen and agreed to take him on as a padawan. They moved into the basement of Tobias' old commander Revan who lived with Carcer (from the Discworld, yes it's weird) and they eventually became lovers.

The twins were reunited when Trever tried to bring Kale back to Kree'sha. It didn't quite work out. What did eventually happen was that Kale's pyschometry got out of control and the result ended up with a mixed personality of all he absorbed and then Tobias cutting him off from the Force at Revan's order. This severed their Force bond. Kale for a time was near catatonic but eventually clawed his way back to a semblance of life.

More time passed and they were eventually reunited with their family, estranged Revan and had much adventures of sorts. Then Tobias left leaving Kale heart broken and distraught.

Realizing that he'd never actually lived a life by himself and that he still didn't know who he was Kale too left asking Trever not to find him.

The twins are now trying to come to terms as true individuals without the other near by.
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2009-01-28 02:05 pm
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Muse Bio #1

Alec Troven

Cheerful Gary-Stu/OC/protagonist of mun's novel series yet to be published.

Alec knows about the fourth wall and doesn't so much break it as ignore it. He's generally very good about pretending it exists when dealing with other people unless he gets the mun's permission to break. He's hyper-active, has no sense of self-preservation, rewrites his own history to suit himself and generally sees things as a lark. He's a self admitted flake and flirt.

This isn't to say that he can't take things seriously and he does. He's loyal to his friends and will help them if they ask, without thought as to being inconvenienced himself.

Canonically (the bit of him that's part of the novels) he's an element wizard in his early twenties with a twin sister and older brother. He likes boys more than he likes girls and is aware of every alternate self.